Setting Windows XP SP2 Popup Blocker To Allow PTS Access

  1. With the default settings, an information bar is placed at the top of the web page, where you can click and allow access to your PTS site.
  2. Click on the information bar for a menu of choices.
  3. Click “Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site…” on the menu. A confirmation box will pop up with the name of your PTS site.
  4. Click Yes, and the PTS login screen will pop up.
  5. If you do not see the information bar illustrated in the first screen shot, you may still have the popup blocker enabled. To verify this, click on “Tools” then go to Popup Blocker, and you’ll have the same option to “Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site…”.

Windows XP SP2 Popup Blocker will now allow access to PTS, while it maintains security and ad blocking for the computer it’s running on.