September 3, 2004 - Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 for Windows XP.   As part of this upgrade, a pop-up blocker is installed by default.  After upgrading to Service Pack 2, Windows XP users may experience difficulty when logging in to their PTS system. Click here for information on how to resolve the difficulty. You may wish to print the page for reference when installing SP2 on your (or your users') systems.

Also, you may experience trouble printing, if the Mead Print Control has not previously been installed on the computer. Click here for information on installing the Mead Print Control with Windows XP after installing Service Pack 2.
Printing Issues    
  1. Mead Print Control


If you have internet security software or a pop-up blocker installed on your computer, you may have difficulties getting the PTS login screen to display or to remain displayed after logging in. Please follow the below guides to configure your software to work with the PTS.
Internet Security Software    
  1. Norton Internet Security
    1. 2004
    2. 2003
  2. McAfee Internet Security (Not complete)
  3. Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security (Not complete)
  4. Panda Internet Security (Not complete)
Pop-up Blockers    
  1. Windows XP SP2
  2. Google Toolbar
  3. MSN Toolbar
  4. Yahoo Toolbar
  5. Zone Labs' ZoneAlarm Pro
For products not covered in this guide, please consult the software provider for configuration procedures.